About Us

"Frisco's Best Roofer!"

That's the title given to me by my wife, Sarah. (But it's also true.) She and I manage Blue Roofing, LLC from our home in Frisco, TX. Together, we have a dog named Rory and a handful of ever-rotating hobbies. 

Established in 2018

Our company may be young, which is why we have taken several steps to provide our customers with the level of comfort that they deserve when selecting a contractor. Blue Roofing is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), the North Texas Roofing Contractors Associations (NTRCA), and we encourage you to check these organizations out. Both affiliations perform background checks, call on our references, an ensure that our insurance is kept up to date. They also provide me with guidance and continued education to make sure I can continue to provide an excellent product to my customers. 

Ready to Work

I manage my own projects, I perform most repairs myself, and I personally guarantee all of my work in writing. I'm not a storm chaser, I'm a Roofer!

Andrew Holden


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer a Workmanship Warranty?

Residential Roof Replacement

All residential roof replacements come standard with a 2-Year Workmanship Warranty, non prorated. This Warranty covers the full cost of repairs in the event that the product was installed incorrectly. There is no need to register for this warranty, and it is transferrable one time upon the sale of the property. Based on the system installed, your roof may be eligible for certain extended workmanship warranties up to 50 Years. Please ask your Blue Roofing sales professional for more information on these programs.

Leak Repairs

Unless stated otherwise, all minor repairs are Guaranteed for 12 months.

Commercial Warranties

Most commercial projects will require some type of Warranty Registration with the material manufacturer, which we will handle for you upon completion of the project. Final copies of the warranty will be issued once payment in full has been received. If you are a previous customer with questions regarding the terms of your warranty, please refer to the contract documents, or call us directly and we will be happy to assist. Please note that all extended Warranties require that you carry out and keep record of Annual Maintenance. Please speak with your Blue Roofing account manager for more information on what is required.

2. Insurance has totaled my roof...how much is this going to cost me?

Your roof replacement will never cost you more than your deductible, unless you choose to upgrade or add to the scope. Many homeowners end up with zero out of pocket costs, but this is dependent on many factors. Beware of contractors who use blanket statements without knowing your situation. If someone promises you a free roof site unseen, there is a good chance some level of fraud is being committed. The only way to know for sure what your costs will be is to speak with a professional. 

3. Do you offer financing?

Yes! Under the RESIDENTIAL section of this website, there is a link to our Financing page. You can see financing offers along with estimated monthly payments - all without pulling your credit.

4. What is your service area?

Blue Roofing, LLC is based in Frisco, TX  but we offer roof replacement across all of Dallas/Fort Worth. Due to response times, we only offer Residential Leak Repairs/Emergency Tarps in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Little Elm, The Colony, Prosper, Aubrey, Allen, and the neighboring cities. Our Commercial Service Area covers the State of Texas. 

5. Do I need to be home during my Roof Inspection?

No, although you are welcome to be present. After any inspection or repair, we will provide you with photo documentation and a written summary of your roof status.

6. What types of roof do you install?

We install all subsets of shingles (3-Tab, Laminate, Class IV), several popular metal roof profiles (R-Panel, Standing Seam), Elastomeric & Silicone Coatings, TPO, PVC, Cold-Applied Modified Bitumen. We do not install hot-mopped built-up, Clay Tile or Slate, although we would be happy to direct you to a reputable contractor who does. There are over 1500 Roofing Companies in DFW, and only a handful can truthfully claim to install "all roof systems". The last thing you need is to have a contractor learning a trade on your roof.

7. Bonded, Insured, Licensed, Certified...what does it all mean?

It seems these words are slapped across the back of half of the trucks in DFW. Let's break down what they mean and why you should care.


If a contractor is bonded, it means they have purchased a Surety Bond, which is a specific type of insurance designed to protect the property owner against faulty work. Many times municipalities will enforce that a contractor purchase a Bond to perform work in their city - especially when the contractor is from out of town. Bonding is more common on projects with values above $200,000.00, where there is a high likelihood that the contractor could not pay for his mistake even if he wanted to. In short, a Bond only matters if the contractor refuses to clean up his own mess. For this reason, Blue Roofing has made the decision not to carry a bond unless the project requires one. 


This is the big one. Carrying General Liability Insurance is essential to operating any business in Texas, especially in a high-risk trade such as roofing. Any contractor performing work on your property without GLI is putting you at a great financial risk. A copy of our GLI is included in every sales presentation and we encourage you to check us out.


In the State of Texas, neither a General Contracting License nor Roofing License exist, and thus is not required. However, it is fully expected that within the next 10 years, such a License will exist. The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) has laid the groundwork by offering both a Residential Roofing License and a Commercial Roofing License. This is a fairly new offering, and although Blue Roofing LLC does not currently hold these voluntary licenses, we are excited to take that symbolic step in 2019!


This is a very broad term, so be sure to ask your contractor to specify exactly what it is that he/she is certified in. The majority of the time, they are referring to being a certified installer of a particular product. This is generally a good thing as it means the manufacturer is aware of this contractor, and to some degree vouches that the contractor has been properly trained on their systems.